Has your computer been infected with the Crypto Locker virus? Don’t know what to do?
Are you afraid to pay the ransom? Here at VND we can help.

The Crypto Locker Virus has infected thousands and continues to infect more each and every day.
Many individuals and companies are left confused and unsure of what to do when Crypto Locker
infects their computers. The ransom demands and the limited time frame to unlock all your important
files stored on your computer, has caused much panic. The tech support team here at VND can help
you to get through this malicious ransom ware infection so that you and your files can fully recover
from the attack.

VND Techs are now offering Crypto Locker Virus Decrypt & Removal Services and ransomware management.

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system files. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods using mostly bitcoin in order to grant access to their systems, or to get their data back.

Much of the doubt associated with ransom ware is the ransom. Should you pay? What is the guarantee
that once the ransom is received you will be able to unlock your files? Should you ignore the ransom and consider your files lost forever? How do you pay? What do you do after you pay? With so many relevant questions and not a whole lot of relevant answers regarding the Crypto Locker Virus, the need for a little technical support is growing day by day.


VND's team of IT Professionals has been helping businesses recover from Crypto Locker. We provide our clients with protection from being lost to the ransomware and risk our money and information so you are not sharing any of your information with the virus’s creators. We deal with the ransom, and then proceed to decrypt all the files that were affected by the virus. Unfortunately, Crypto Locker is not something that you can ignore and recover from in time, you need to think and act fast to get the key do decrypt your encrypted files and get your system up and running again.

VND is a family owned and operated company with more than 13 years in business located in San Antonio, Texas US. We provide the support that you need when your system and files have been compromised. We have helped hundreds of victims with this painful process with 100% success so far. There is no time to waste, call/contact VND Tech Support and learn more about our Crypto Locker Virus Decrypt and Removal Services and allow us to help you get control back once again.

News on the web are there is a decryption tool created by Kapersky. Kaspersky decrypts most encrypted files from our tests but for only coinvault here is the link: (You should try this first, we recommend it, but first backup your files)


1. AV TOOL: Avast Endpoint protection or their new Cloud AV. has been solid supporting networks of thousands of PCs from our experience. We like their browser plugins seem to grab most web Trojans we had encountered.

2. SPYWARE TOOL: in case you want extra protection install a tool but don't run it on Active mode, only on demand. ie.webroot or superantispyware

3. SPAM FILTER TOOL: emails that are opened from an email client are a direct path to your network. use a very strong and trusted spam filter. we recommend DNS routed like barracuda, appriver, vndhost, etc

4. SHARED MEDIA: shared media via local company emails can be a big problem since they are mostly not scanned and if you use exchange server they reside in the server going from mailbox to mailbox. Company policies may be in place for this to prevent this. USB , DVD-CD-ROMs can be also shared media that can potentially affect computers. Specially if you are a technician and are working in several computers is recommended to obtain some of those rare Lock USB media in that case no files can be saved to your media unless you desire it.

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Some of the Forms of Ransomware we have seen:

  • Cryptolocker
  • CTB Locker
  • Crypt0L0cker
  • CTB Locker
  • KeyHolder
  • Cryptowall
    • Cryptowall 2.0
    • Cryptowall 3.0
    • Cryptowall 4.0
  • Teslacrypt
  • Ransomware data recovery
    • Remove ransomware
  • Malware data recovery
  • Virus data recovery

Satisfied Client references upon request depending on request. We feel that publicly showing the victims of this virus is not good business practice. But we can tell you we have helped companies all over the world from small home users to Huge data centers with Pentabytes of data lost.

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